Industrial & Domestic F.R.P.Products

Fibreglass is a fibre made of plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibres Fibreglass is a lightweight, extremely strong and robust material, and is used for many products. Although its strength properties are somewhat lower than carbon fibre and it is less stiff, fibreglass is typically far less brittle, and its raw materials much less expensive. Its bulk strength and weight properties are also very favourable when compared to metals, and it can be easily formed using moulding processes.


Common uses of fibreglass include high performance aircraft (gliders), boats, automobiles, bath tubs and enclosures, hot tubs, septic tanks, water tanks, roofing, pipes, cladding, casts, Chemical Tanks vesals, domistic products, surfboards and external door skins. FRP is used extensively to manufacture chemical equipment and tanks and vessels, Large commercial wind turbine blades.